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Our mission is to transfer high-quality music performed by top musicians into people’s lives and homes, and this in the easiest possible way. We provide our audience with a unique sound and musical experience. By offering high-quality digital files, SnipRecords’ ultimate aim is to connect talented musicians with music enthusiasts.


SEO_SMYSarah Marie Young
Little Candy Heart

A collection of soulful jazzy originals
Screen Shot 2014-11-18 at 21.14.3918 November - Sarah Marie Young visits The Netherlands
Sarah is currently touring The Netherlands, watch and listen to one of her live radio performances.

26 September – One Year Anniversary Sampler
September is a special month for us. One year ago, 1 September 2013, we released our first album: ti-an-guis…

Curious what our albums sound like and how they are recorded? We enjoy offering an insight into the recording process and therefore always film and shoot photos during the recording sessions. Watch behind the scenes movies below:

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